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"Gwendolyn is a gracious and courageous teacher....guiding her students into the more difficult poses slowly with an emphasis on correct alignment...I so enjoyed the align and flow classes and attending her class became an important and enjoyable part of my summer vacation."

-Dorie D., Hartford CT


"Gwendolyn is a master teacher. I have taken her classes for the past four years and learned things from her that I haven't  in my twenty years of practicing yoga. Her focus on precision and alignment has enabled me to open up my body in new ways, while building a stability I did not know was missing until I found it! I also appreciate her emphasis on trying new asanas as a way to challenge our habitual perceptions of ourselves. She brings a sense of playfulness and fun to her classes that has encouraged me to stretch my limits. I am truly grateful to be her student."

-Jen L., Block Island, RI


"Gwendolyn's focus on alignment makes for a wonderful class experience (additionally peppered with wit and humor!).  Working with her has brought intelligence and mindfulness to my practice, for which I am so very grateful."

-Winifred B., Providence RI


"Gwendolyn is a highly personable teacher with yoga classes that provide opportunities for growth. Her thoughtful and creative sequencing is always challenging, nourishing, and extremely enjoyable!"

-Molly N., Block Island, RI


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